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Vision & Values
Helping individuals lead healthy and active lives

Our Core Values are built on our dedication & service to customers & team members, building trust, taking ownership & constantly reinventing ourselves to satisfy the growing fitness needs of our community.

How we do it?
Training , Education & Infrastructure

• Training for individual fitness goals • Educating for a fitter & healthier lifestyle • Offer services to develop and maintain fitness infrastructure

Our Training Programs

• Body conditioning programs • George’s Fitness Boot Camp • FIT Adventures • Corporate Fitness • Sports Conditioning • Super Kids FIT Club • Fitness for ALL

Our Fitness Services
• Design and set-up Gymnasiums • Sale and Service of Exercise Equipment • Fitness Education • Body Assessments • Health & Nutrition supplements


“Having being sports persons ourselves, we are passionate about health and fitness, and established Fitness Zone as a place to help others lead healthy and active lives.” – Colleen & George Sequeira


Meet George & Colleen

George Sequeira

Worked in the hospitality industry for 10 years; as part of hotels, cruise liners and service education. Being a passionate sports person and enthusiastic about health and fitness, he started Fitness Zone gyms in 2008. His genuine care for the well being of his members has been the hallmark of the service at Fitness Zone.

George is a Certified Personal Trainer from the American Muscle and Fitness Institute (AMFPT), he completed an Advanced Personal Trainer Certification from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA), is certified in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and believes in constant updating of one’s knowledge and skills in the field.

Colleen Sequeira

A track & field athlete, State and National level Volleyball player and state ex captain , Colleen is passionate about fitness and sports. She is a Reebok Certified Pilates Trainer and a personal advocate on the benefits of Weight Training for women.

She has worked at senior positions in Operations and Human Resources in the hospitality Industry and runs her own consulting firm. She brings her experience in business management and administration to complement George’s strong operational expertise.

Fitness Zone's Journey

In April 2008 opened Fitness Zone gym at Lar Asiena Complex, Caranzalem.

In November 2009 opened Fitness Zone gym at Clube Tennis de Gasper Dias, Miramar until 2013. Besides gym programs, Group Aerobic classes were also offered.

In August 2013 set-up Fitness Zone Gym at Adwalpalkar Shellter, Caranzalem, doubling space and equipment in August 2014.

Since 2010 we have set-up gyms for hotels and residential complexes starting with the Radisson Blu Hotel Cavellosim and Kamat Constructions.

Today, Fitness Zone offers a number of training programs to help members in our gyms, Outdoors, Kids, Corporates and Sports persons; besides services to develop and maintain exercise facilities.


Our Gyms have been established as a place to service the fitness needs of our community. A place where we can provide a variety of facilities & programs to benefit our members.

Fitness Zone Club

Located at Adwalpalkar Shellter opposite Kamat Classic 4, this gym offers members customised programs and personal attention. Trainer guided programs range from Weight Loss, Body Toning, Muscle Building to customised Transformation packages. In addition to the above packages, experienced gym goers can choose from a Cardio Package (weights and cardio machines) or Functional Training Package (weight machines only) where-in they can train independently with minimal guidance and supervision by the in-house trainer. At this gym we offer Dynamic Movement Training (DMT) using Battle rope training which uses the body’s natural movement patterns through three-dimensional exercises challenging your cardiovascular, muscular and neural systems at the same time; also indoor Boot Camps are conducted at this gym.


Fitness Zone Studio

Located at Lar Asiena Society near HDFC Bank Caranzalem, this gym offers members a no frills, pure workout experience. Members can choose from a Cardio Package (weights and cardio machines) or Functional Training Package (weight machines only). After an initial orientation and training to use machines correctly, members train independently with minimal guidance and supervision by the in-house trainer. Members here enjoy the pump, camaraderie and cosy atmosphere of this gym.

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Staying true to our vision of helping individuals (of all walks of life) to lead healthy and active lives, we execute a number of Training Programs outside of our in house Gym programs to reach out to various segments of society.

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Towards developing and sustaining quality infrastructure, and facilitating the ancillary fitness needs of people to live a healthy & active lifestyle, we offer the below fitness services.



We offer a range of brands with wide specifications to suit the needs of commercial Gyms,Hotels,Clubs,Residential complexes to Home users.

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Our Team

At Fitness Zone, we’re about more than just fitness. We’re a family full of enthusiasm. Here, Cheers are louder, Smiles are broader, and expectations are higher. Our USP? We add the personal touch…


Fitness for ALL is our Community outreach program. We recognize the fitness needs of children in destitute homes, elderly living in aged homes, and the mentally and physically challenged members of our community. We are committed to providing Fitness for ALL!

 Our contribution to society…

Our purpose at Fitness Zone is to ‘help individuals to live healthy and active lives’. Fitness for ALL was conceived in conversation with Ms. Marilande Torres a Brazilian Social Worker and founder of the Noven Jeevit Home for destitute children in Goa. We realised that the children staying at such homes live a very routine existence of schooling and homework that lacked regular physical exercise and exposure.

Under the Fitness for ALL program, we offer the resident children an exercise program that includes:

  • Stretching for flexibility
  • Cardio vascular training
  • Body weight strength training
  • Agility and balance training
  • Active and fun games
  • Kick boxing
  • Group Aerobics
  • Others…

The program is also offered weekly at the Peace Haven Special School in Caranzalem. The focus of the programs here is to bring together the mentally and physically challenged children in an inclusive program, encouraging them to participate in fun activities and games that also promote physical fitness.

Fitness for ALL has a pipeline project for an Old Age home, to help the elderly residents keep their joints flexible and strengthen and maintain muscle tissue, bones and ligaments. Conducted along with a qualified physiotherapist, the program is customized on a case to case basis towards helping the elderly residents remain active for as long as possible.

  • nandana-a I was very motivated to improve my health and fitness when I saw the innovative programs conducted by Fitness Zone. I requested George to guide me in an unusual long-distance training program.What followed were Meticulous daily training schedules, diet plans, advice and guidance throughout,  which were tailormade for me. I am especially thankful for the follow ups, checkback and encouragement... that helped to maintain my discipline and determination. I have experienced a weight loss of 4 kgs in the past 5 weeks..but more importantly, I have Gained!!   Yes... gained a lot of energy, stamina, positivity and confidence that comes from leading a healthy lifestyle. Thank you Fitness Zone for putting me into this Happy Zone!

    Nandana Abhyankar (Bahrain)
  • nandana-a Finally found a fitness regime that I enjoy and am completely hooked on to... Super fun at George's Fitness Boot Camp. 👍👍

    Sairaj Dhond (Businessman)
  • nandana-a I’ve been working out at Fitness Zone for the last 4 years and take Personal Training from George. He is well read, focussed and completely gets the best out of you. His workouts are non-monotonous and interesting as he does a combination of cardiovascular, weight training, kick boxing, tabata etc. The staff is capable, friendly and always motivating. The gym has a non-intimidating and hygienic environment, where one can workout comfortably. Well maintained equipment is another big plus of Fitness Zone…

    Gauri Karkal (Businesswoman)
  • nandana-a This is to appreciate the guest talk of Mr. George Sequeira at our Club meeting on 25th August’16 on Health & Fitness.. he conducted a practical exercise session followed by a check-up of BMI, BMR & Fat%.. and advised on a case to case basis. He is truly well experienced and our club members enjoyed his enlightening talk. Here’s wishing him all the very best!

    Rtn. Raja Melvani (President – Rotary Club of Panaji Riviera)
  • nandana-a For the past 4 years Fitness Zone has given me the best gym experience with great facilities and polite and competent trainers. The personal training provided by George is challenging which he makes interesting by frequent changes and adaptations. With George’s Fitness BootCamps and outdoor workouts, my fitness has become more intense and enjoyable.

    Swati Shetye (Chartered Accountant)
  • nandana-a I suffered from chronic osteoarthritis for more than 13 yrs. Which unfortunately resulted in 100% rupture of my Achilles tendon of left leg in July 2014. After being operated I was on bed for 4 months and started walking slowly with physiotherapy. Walking was very painful and I couldn’t stand for more than 5 minutes. My bones and joints had become stiff being bedridden for months. Even after a year I was in pain and had put on lot of weight that is when I joined Fitness Zone Gym run by George Sequeira. I discussed my case with George and requested him to personally train me. Initially i was apprehensive whether I will be able to do the workouts, but with constant motivation and guidance from George I gained confidence. I was put on cardio exercises, weights and followed a diet plan as per guidance given by George, I went on to reduce 5 kgs within the first 3 months and most importantly there was strengthening of my bones. My joints pain reduced a lot. This helped me to gain confidence that I can overcome my joints and knee pain. Since then I continued to train with George at Fitness Zone. I have had a very good experience of this gym and the instructors. The fear which I had that gymming might worsen my case had totally disappeared and I realised the importance of daily workout for fitness. Thanks to Fitness Zone and George for helping me to improve my general health and flexibility.

    Poonam Bharne (Senior Prosecutor, Goa)
  • nandana-a It is said that Fitness if taken seriously can bring a revolution in your life - for this one needs to have a reliable Fitness consultant and trainer. In the last year training with George Sequeira, my body fat count has reduced from was 27% to 21%, I have increased lean muscle (BMI) and have control my Cholesterol levels. Even If I was travelling for days, George made sure through reminders and sending me workout messages that I do my basic routines. His sessions have been invaluable to my strength/muscle building and general health. Where I was prone to workout injuries, through stretches and comprehensive coaching on correct form George has ensured that my progress is not hampered by injuries. His cardio sessions include Tabatha, Core/ Abs workouts and my very favorite Boot camp sessions at the beach / ground / gym and the best part is there so much variety inculcated in the fitness routine that one doesn’t feel monotonous .Training sessions with George are always a positive experience due to is enthusiasm, extensive knowledge and professionalism.

    Jeet Tolani (Businessman)


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Build Flexibility, Strength, Stamina, Agility and Balance, whilst burning fat and having FUN.

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